Valley Creek Estates
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about developer

Jim Goentzel

Valley Creek Estates is a joint effort between Jim Goentzel, a Wichita Home Builder and Adsit Family Farming, joint owners of the land. 

The land, which is sandwiched between the Little Arkansas River and a Nature Wetland Preserve, is located on the west edge of Valley Center.  This made it an ideal place to start a development for the Wichita and Newton Metro areas.

Jim Goentzel started as an apprentice in home construction in 1965.  He moved to the Wichita area in 1968 to pursue his career in construction.  He worked for Jack DeBoar as a lead trim contractor before forming his own company specializing in custom cabinet and trim contracting for several builders in the area. 

Jim took a few years away from trim contracting in order to construct Pizza Huts for a franchise starting their business in small rural towns in Nebraska, Arkansas, Colorado, Tennessee and Kentucky.

When Jim returned to the Wichita area, he and his wife, Marcia, determined to establish a custom home company that would use the best quality construction in order to produce a product of which they could be proud. Until the sale of his company in 2001 they remained constant to that goal. 

Jim has been on the National Home Builders Association Board for more than 20 years.  He has been involved in the Wichita Area Builders Association on many committees and has served as Chairman of the Board.  He holds the record for number of recruits in the Wichita area because of his belief in the unity of the builders and subcontractors working to produce the best product for the consumer.

Jim has also served as the construction representative in the Wichta Excutives Association for a number of years and remains active in that organization.

Jim has been the lead person in the development of Valley Creek Estates and is now the active representative for the area.  

Jim and Marcia live in Valley Creek Estates.